Clear-Com HMS-4X HelixNet Digital 4 Channel Digital Partyline Intercom Main Station


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    HMS-4X - Overview

    The ClearCom HMS-4X HelixNet main station is a combination of a system master and intercom user station with XLR Powerline connections to the user stations. HMS-4X hosts up to three HLI interface modules for external connectivity including Ethernet and Fiber.

    The HMS-4X manages all endpoint connections and Ethernet routing of incoming audio to all listening user stations and interfaces where the audio is locally mixed. HelixNet's 12 channels of partyline intercom and Program Audio are available at any HelixNet user station or interface port regardless of where they connect to the system. The optional license expands the HMS-4X to support 24 channels.

    HMS-4X features two XLR Powerlines each capable of supporting up to 10 user stations. Powerline allows digital connection using standard XLR cables and supports various cabling topologies and passive splitting, like analog partyline cabling. HMS-4X also supports endpoint connectivity over mix of Powerline and Ethernet with the optional HLI-ET2 Ethernet module. HelixNet supports up to 64 endpoints, user stations or interface ports. User stations may be added and removed dynamically without configuration and assigned to any channel without restrictions.

    HMS-4X hosts firmware for endpoints and automatically matches versions upon endpoint connection. Linking Up to five additional HMS-4X main stations can be linked to the master HMS-4X over Ethernet networks or fiber for a total of six linked HMS-4X. Link groups of multiple HMS-4X seamlessly form a distributed HelixNet system, allowing local connectivity using HLI interface modules and XLR Powerlines to user stations.

    Please Note! This item is just one component of a larger system. Please refer to the diagrams for ideas and recommendations on how to build a Clear-Com intercom system to suit your needs.

    • Features:

      • HelixNet System Operation
      • HelixNet System Master
      • 6 HMS can link over LAN and WAN
      • Supports up to 64 endpoints on HelixNet system
      • 12 partyline channels; expandable to 24 channels via optional license

        Main Station
      • Easy to use CCM ™ browser configuration
      • Fast front panel control and configuration
      • Plug-and-go with auto discovery
      • Central upgrades from main station

        User Station
      • Headset or hands-free support with speaker and mic
      • 4 Keysets freely assignable to channels
      • All Talk, Stage Announce, RMK and Program Audio level controls

      • 2 Powerlines for distribution of Ethernet to HelixNet user stations via XLR cables
      • 3 Expansion slots for HLI modules: Ethernet, fiber, 2-wire and 4-wire ports
      • Program Audio input and Stage Announce output
      • 4 Contact closure inputs and outputs
    • Specifications:

      • Linking
      • HMS is required as the HelixNet Master.
      • Link Group may include five additional HMS members, including up to three LQ devices for a maximum of six HMS/LQ in Link Group.
      • HMS link using HLI-ET2 or HLI-FBS modules overLAN/WAN connections.
      • Link Group supports up to 64 endpoints (station/port).

      • System provides 12 or 24 intercom channels assignable to any user station or port in the system.
      • Four Channels can be assigned to station.
      • Program Audio can be associated with any channel with independent endpoint level control.

      • Host: HMS-4X
      • Activation: Generated to unique HMS-4X
      • device System ID
      • Transferable: No
      • Recovery: Yes, by Clear-Com Support or Service Center
      • Permanent Licenses
      • Part numbers: HMS-24-UG
      • Capability: 24 Ch
      • Validity: Perpetuity

      • 99 Roles for naming and dynamic configuration of user station settings. Role can be applied to multiple user stations

      • XLR Powerline: (2) 3-pin XLR-M/F
      • Headset: 4-pin XLR-M
      • Program Audio: 3-pin XLR-F
      • Stage Announce: 3-pin XLR-M
      • Hot Mic/IFB Interface: 1/4" (6.35 mm) TRS Jack
      • GPIO: 25-pin D-type female
      • USB: Type A & Micro AB

        Microphone Pre-amplifier
      • Headset Mic Impedance: 200Ω (Dynamic)
      • Headset Mic Voltage: 1.7V (Electret selectable)
      • Limiter: +23dB
      • Route to 4-wire output at 0dBu:
      • Mic Gain: 60dB (Dynamic), 45dB (Electret)
      • Frequency Response: 200Hz - 10 kHz ±3dB
      • Distortion: <0.2% THD @ 1kHz
      • Noise: <-55dBu (Dynamic), <-65dBu (Electret)

        Headphone Amplifier
      • Load Impedance: >32Ω
      • Output Level: +12dBu before clipping
      • Sidetone: -12dB (selectable)
      • Route from a 4-wire input at 0dBu:
      • Max Gain: 0dB
      • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 10kHz ±3dB
      • Distortion: <0.1% THD @ 1kHz
      • Noise: <-65dBu
      • Headphone Limiter: 0dB (selectable)

        Loudspeaker Amplifier
      • Load Impedance: 8Ω
      • Output Level: +18dBu before clipping
      • Route from a 4-wire input at 0dBu:
      • Max Gain: 18dB
      • Frequency Response: 200Hz - 10kHz ±3dB
      • Distortion: <0.1% THD @ 1kHz
      • Noise: <-50dBu

        Program Audio Line Input
      • Maximum Level Before Clipping: +18dBu
      • Nominal Input Level: 0dBu (selectable)
      • Input Impedance: >= 10KΩ
      • Route to 4-wire output at 0dBu:
      • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 10kHz ±3dB
      • Distortion: <0.2% THD @ 1kHz
      • Noise: <-65dBu

        Stage Announce Output
      • Maximum Level Before Clipping: +18dBu
      • Nominal Output Level: 0dBu (selectable)
      • Output Impedance: <= 100Ω
      • Route from a dynamic headset:
      • Frequency Response: 300Hz - 12kHz ±3dB
      • Distortion: <0.1% THD @ 1kHz
      • Noise: <-55dBu

        Hot Mic Output
      • Maximum Level Before Clipping: +12dBu
      • Nominal Output Level: 0dBu (selectable)
      • Output Impedance: <= 100Ω
      • Route from a dynamic headset:
      • Frequency Response: 300Hz - 12kHz ±3dB
      • Distortion: <0.2% THD @ 1kHz
      • Noise: <-55dBu

      • Two independent network XLR Powerlines
      • Frequency Modulated Ethernet - OFDM
      • Output Voltage: ±29.5V DC
      • Output Current (Max): 1.5A per Powerline
      • Frequency: 100kHz-25MHz
      • Requires shielding integrity between Powerlines
      • Support up to 10 beltpacks each
      • Support up to 3-10 stations each
    • GTIN:


    HMS-4X - Required Accessories

      HMS-4X - Recommended Accessories

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