BrightEye Multi Image License - Includes PiP-Efx and DualPath Features Available for 450 445 430-X 410-H


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The Ensemble Designs Multi Image license option, which includes DualPath and PiP-Efx, is available for BrightEye NXT models NXT 410-H, NXT 430-X, NXT 445, and NXT 450.The PiP-Efx Option for the BrightEye NXT 450, 445, 430-X and 410-H Compact Routers provides a flexible and configurable dual source Picture-In-Picture mode for lecture capture, corporate boardroom, field news reporting, and many other applications. PiP-Efx can be a single insert over a full screen video background, or dual PiP inserts over a matte background. Built-in Up/Down/Cross conversion allows PiP input signals of different formats and frame rates to be combined together into the PiP output. Simply set the PiP output standard and you’re done. PiP-Efx, a software license option purchased from the factory, can be installed in the field. Each license is tied to the serial number of a specific unit. On power up with no license, a free 1 hour “time limited demo” is active.
What Do I Get from the PiP-Efx Option?
High Resolution Picture in Picture Effects
Dual PiP Windows Over a Matte Background
Intuitive Web Interface, Use a Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone
Fully Adjustable Crop, Size, and Position Controls for Both Images
Customizable Border Effects
Instant Recall of Layouts from User Presets
Fully Routable Output to Any Destination on the Router
Dissolve and Cut to PiP-Efx
Switch Sources within PiP-Efx On The Fly
Mix and Match Video Formats within PiP-Efx

Save Money and Reduce Bandwidth Needs with Ensemble’s New DualPath Option!
DualPath lets you send two video signals in a single channel’s bandwidth. Add a second camera feed from your news truck or helicopter without needing another encoder or microwave transmitter. The DualPath signal, carrying two videos and associated audio, travels as a single feed over an ordinary path. DualPath multiplexing and demultiplexing operates only at the end points, with no changes required to the existing link. Choose the audio transmission mode to suit the production requirements, and the capacity of the transmission path. DualPath is available with the Multi Image license option for BrightEye NXT models NXT 410-H, NXT 430-X, NXT 445, and NXT 450.

DualPath Multiplexing Provides Superb Image Quality!
Ensemble’s proprietary image scaling, also used in our award winning Mitto scan converters, ensures the very best image quality. Because we are processing the baseband video signal, we retain all of the inherent elements of pixel quality in native HD SDI formats: bit depth, color space and structural details of the image. No new structure is introduced, such as MPEG macro-blocks. Our scaling makes the simplest, least destructive change to the content. Up sampling to an 8:8:8 representation produces an over-sampled dataset. This technique makes the subsequent filtering more precise and better able to block only the spectral content which would be out-of-band in the compressed image. The result is end-to-end performance with extreme fidelity to the original signal.
No Lip-sync Errors!
The two video signals, and the chosen audio, are synchronized and joined together in the DualPath Tx process. From this point onward, they travel as a single signal. No delay or latency can be introduced which would affect the lip-sync timing of one signal with respect to the other. When they are delivered back as independent video feeds by the DualPath Rx process, they will still be perfectly matched to one another. This is true regardless of the transmission link.
DualPath Plays Well with Others!
Integrating DualPath with your existing gear is a breeze. Update your news truck with a DualPath enabled BrightEye NXT 450 for encoding and use your stations existing decoder.

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