Murideo MUR-M4SOL-BASE HDbaseT Tester Base Unit with Looper and Case (Battery Operated)


Murideo MUR-M4SOL-BASE HDbaseT Tester Base Unit with Looper and Case (Battery Operated)
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    MUR-M4SOL-BASE - Overview

    Murideo's MSOL is the only HDBaseT tester that is reliable, portable, and affordable, making it an indispensable tool for all manufacturers, installers, and integrators. This unique testing device provides A/V professionals with all the information they need when testing HDBaseT products. This unit helps A/V installers test infrastructure, helps manufacturers develop HDBaseT products, and gives audio/video testing labs the tools they need to work out customer issues. Moreover, Murideo's HDBaseT tester generates reports, including all the parameters necessary to certify link quality and status up to 4K UHD content. The report can then be transferred to a computer so you can add your letterhead and present the information to your client.

    Every Murideo MSOL HDBaseT tester consists of a main unit, RX module and TX module. By emulating an HDBaseT transmitter or receiver, operating up to pixel rates of 300MHz, the tester is capable of testing 4K ultra-high definition source or sink devices even when installed up to 100 meters (328 feet) away.

    No More Truck Rolls
    If you are an A/V Integrator, wiring, connecting, and performing a test viewing is not enough to test your system before considering your install finished. However, that is the extent of what 99% of integrators are doing. Murideo knows this is a recipe for return visits, also known as truck rolls. Every time an integrator has to spend time fixing a previously installed system, it's time taken away from the company's new revenue.

    Easy to Use Analyzing
    Murideo's HDBaseT testing device uses a color-coding system based on traffic lights for universal understanding.
    - Green means your signal is good to go
    - Yellow means that your signal can pass, but you may need to check your connections and cabling
    - Red means your signal is not going to pass in a way that will give you a stable connection.

    Ultimate HDBaseT Interoperability
    With the ability to check the attached cable run's length and what type of HDBaseT chipset is being used, this testing device allows for seamless interoperability between different HDBaseT products. Having this data lets you know if a specific HDBaseT product will work with another. For example, can you use Brand X HDBaseT Transmitter with the HDBaseT port built into the overhead projector? It's easy to find out with this testing device.

    The Integrators Testing Toolbox
    With so many testing tools built into this device, you are sure to find the one you need for your next install or to get you to the next stage in product development. Here are just a few of the tools that you have when testing with Murideo's MSOL HDBaseT Testing device:
    - HDMI Sweep Test
    - EDID Analyzer
    - 24 Hour Log Report
    - Certification Report
    - HDBaseT 3rd Party Firmware Upgrade
    - HDMI Compatibility Test
    - HDBaseT Signal Performance
    - HDBaseT Signal Configuration
    - HDBaseT Analyzer
    - General Link Quality
    - Transmitter Link Quality
    - Receiver Link Quality
    - Chip Type
    - Cable Length (accurate within 10%)
    - Pixel Clock
    - HDP

    MUR-M4SOL-BASE - Required Accessories

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