Multidyne SB-3G-FRX-ST SilverBullet Mini 3G HD/SDI Fiber Optic Link - Receiver


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    SB-3G-FRX-ST - Overview

    The SilverBULLETS are a highly portable and economical solution for transporting multi-rate SDI signals from 5 Mb/sec all the way up to 3 Gb/sec on singlemode or multimode fiber.

    At just three inches in length, SilverBullets are perfect for a wide variety of today's pro A/V and broadcast applications. But don't let the small size fool you! The case is a rugged, die cast aluminum that is over molded for even more rigidity. The optical connector is the popular metallic ST-type and the video connector is the standard BNC male. Power (5-16 VDC) is supplied via a locking 4-pin mini-XLR connector that eliminates any possibility of the power cord accidentally becoming unplugged.

    Integrated LEDs make troubleshooting easy with DC power and optical laser indications on the transmitter and DC power and optical power reporting on the receiver. Not only can your RX unit receive SDI signals, it can also be used as a confidence optical power meter for ANY digital optical signal.

    The SilverBULLETS are non-reclocking. The result is error-free operation even with challenging pathological pattern testing. And just because they are small does not mean they can't handle long links, either. With an optical launch power of -6dBm for standard units (0 dBm for CWDM units) and receiver sensitivity to -20 dBm, runs of 25km or more are possible...with optical power to spare.

    SilverBullets transmitters can also be ordered at any of 18 CWDM wavelengths in order to facilitate optical multiplexing with our CWDM-2000 line of CWDM mux and demux units.

    Each pair of SilverBullets comes packaged in a convenient case with 100-240VAC input wall-mount power supplies. For instances when you want to power your units from your camera battery, optional "Power Clip" Power Tap adapters or full-sized 4-pin XLR adapters are available.

    The SilverBullets from Multidyne. The next time you need just one more feed ten minutes prior to air, you'll be glad you have them.

    Note: This purchase does not include the SB-3G-FTX-ST Transmitter. You must purchase SB-3G-FTX-ST separately.

    • Features:

      • Fiber transport from 5Mbps to 3Gbps
      • Supports SMPTE 424M, 292M, 259M, 310M, 344M, 305M & DVB-ASI
      • Equalizes 120m of Gepco VSD2001 or Belden 1694A cable at 3 Gb/sec
      • Equalizes 150m of Gepco VSD2001 or Belden 1694A cable at 1.485 Gb/sec
      • Supports embedded audio and data
      • Monitor optical power level at RX
      • Non re-clocking
      • Singlemode fiber recommended
      • ST optical connector
      • Small, rugged, portable
      • Stand-alone or rack
      • Power supplies and convenient case included
      • International AC adapters included
    • Specifications:

      • Video
      • Bit Rates: 5Mbps to 3Gbps
      • # of Ins/outs: 1 BNC
      • Impedence: 75 Ohms
      • Level: 800mV (peak to peak)
      • Standard: SMPTE 425M, 297M, 292M, 259M-C & DVB-ASI
      • Bit Error Rate: (@-22dBm) 10-11
      • Return Loss: >15 dB at 5 MHz - 1.485 GHz; >10 dB at 1.5 GHz to 3 GHz
      • Jitter (wideband): < 0.3 UI
      • Rise/Fall times: <120psecs
      • Optical
      • Wavelengths: 1310 or 1271-1611
      • Optical Connector: ST
      • Optical Source: FP laser or CWDM DFB
      • Optical Detector: PIN Diode
      • TX Output: -6 Standard (0 DFB)
      • RX Sensitivity: -20 dBm
      • Link Margin: 14 to 20 dB (up to 40km) - (Distances based on using SINGLEMODE fiber)
      • Fiber Type: Multimode or Singlemode (Singlemode recommended)
      • Environmental / Electrical
      • Power: 5-16 VDC
      • Consumption: 600 mW
      • Temperature: 0 to +55C
      • Humidity: 0-95% RH non-condensing
      • Dimensions: 3.2 x 0.65 x 0.75 inches
      • Weight: 2.5 oz.
      • Coax Equalization: @ 270Mb/sec 350m; @ 1.5Gb/sec 140m; @ 3 Gb/sec 50m

    SB-3G-FRX-ST - Required Accessories

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