Thor Fiber F-RF-TxRx-MN2-1310 RF Over SC/APC Optical Fiber Transmitter and Receiver Set - 1310nm

ITEM #: F-RF-TXRXMN21310 MFG #: F-RF-TXRX-MN2-1310

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    F-RF-TXRX-MN2-1310 - Overview

    Thor Fiber F-RF-TxRx-MN2 RF over SC/APC Optical Fiber Transmitter and Receiver Set 1310nm. Consists of one Thor F-RF-RX-MN-2 receiver and one Thor F-RF-TX-MN-2Mw transmitter. 1310nm

    The Thor Fiber Optical Mini CATV RF 45-900Mhz Transmitter is mainly used for transmitting long distance optical fiber transmission of CATV RF - Analog or digital QAM or ATSC Television Digital TV, telephone and data transmission. It's application for digital signal transmission of video and data in the cable television and communications industry. The transmission range can vary from 5km to 30km. It comes equipped with an advanced DFB laser that readily provides expectionally high performance and RF power, as well as automatic processing technology developed by our company. Finally it has a built-in micro-computer that automatically monitors the control system and guarantees excellent performance of the equipment.

    The Thor Fiber Mini FTTH optical receiver F-RF-RFMN-2 is specifically designed for FTTH networks. These ultra compact Fiber-To-The-Home optical receivers were designed and engineered to ensure compatibility for any type of FTTH network structure in mind. It has small compact housing, mini-internal circuit structure that still remains a high performance, low cost receiver that is economical for any project. It can be used for any application of HFC network fiber to the home (FTTH) because of it's form factor and output power. These units have a wide range for receiving optical power, high output level and low power consumption. They are the ideal pieces for any optical fiber network which can provide a highly reliable, digital video frequency and data bi-directional transmission for the HFC network. It could be use to send CATV RF point to point or point to multipoint.

    This unit comes as a kit: part of the Thor Fiber MIni Transmitter / Receiver kit with F-RF-TX-MN-2Mw

    NOTE: It is very important to interface Thor's unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections. If your fiber is terminated with the SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion.

    • Features:

      • Receiver Features
      • Designed for FTTH (Fiber To The Home) Networks
      • Excellent linearity and flatness
      • Converts Optical siganl to electrical RF 45-10000Mhz
      • Analog NTSC/PAL, Digital QAM, ATSC, DVB-T
      • 20dBmV RF ouput power at Optical Input: -0 dBm
      • Dual Coaxial ouput for easy deplyment for multiple devices
      • Wide range of optical input power
      • Single-mode fiber
      • Ultra low noise technology
      • Smaller size and easy to install
      • Red-LED for power indication
      • Color-LED for optical power indication
      • Built-in filter

        Transmitter Features
      • 45 -1000MHz working bandwidth.
      • High performance DFB coaxial laser that has a great linking performance and stable output.
      • Advanced CPU processing and with an auto monitoring system to supervise the operational status which leads to a longer life of the laser.
      • Low power loss design(less than 8W) which creates a very low operational temperature.
      • NOTE: (it is very important to interface Thor's unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections. If your fiber is terminated with the SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion.
    • Specifications:

      • F-RF-TX-MN-2Mw Transmitter
      • Wavelength: nm 1310nm ± 20 / 1550nm ± 20
      • Laser type: DFB laser
      • Optical modulation type: Direct optical strength modulation
      • Optical connector type: SC/APC
      • Frequency range: MHz: 45-862/1000
      • RF input level
      • dBuV: 72~82
      • Flatness in band dB ±0.75
      • Rf input resistance: 75
      • Input reflection loss: dB ≥16
      • Link C/N: dB ≥51
      • Link C/CSO: dB ≥60
      • Link C/CTB dB ≥65
      • AGC controling range: dB ±5
      • MGC controling: dB 0~10
      • Power Supply: V DC 12 V/1 A
      • Power Loss: W ≤ 8
      • Dimension: mm: 140 x 90 x 26

        F-RF-RFMN-2 Receiver
      • Light wavelength: 1100 ~1600nm
      • Operating Wavelength: 1550 nm ± 20nm ,built-in for filtering 1490 nm signal and remain 1550 nm signal to photo-diode
      • Optical input power range: 0dBm to ~-15dBm (digital) & 0dBm to ~-10dBm (analog)
      • Frequency range: 45MHz-1GHz
      • Output level: Output range: 65-75dBæV (Optical Input: -6 dBm); Output range: 70-80dBæV (Optical Input: -2 dBm))
      • Flatness: ±1dB
      • Slope: 5dB ± 2dB
      • Return loss: 16dB
      • Noise figure: 47.5dB
      • CTB: ≥65dB
      • CSO: ≥65dB
      • MER: 38
      • Power Consumption: ≥ 0.6W
      • Test Conditions: 60 CH (PAL-D), Pin -6dBm, 1 EDFA with noise figure 5dB, 25Km, Composite OMI 18.5%
      • Output impedance: 75 Ω
      • Output port number: 1
      • RF connector: F (female)
      • Responsibility: ≥ 0.9 A/W @ 1550nm
      • Optical return: loss ≥ 55 dB
      • LED indicator: Alarm LED: Green on: receive power in range (about -6 to 0 dBm) Red: low (<-8dBm) or lost signal Power LED: Red = Power on
      • Power Adapter: Input Voltage: 90-250V [email protected]; Output Voltage uncertainty = 3% without load; Output Voltage: Continous current ≥ 90% nominal current; ±5% nominal DC Voltage; Ripple Voltage (Vpp) =150mV; Voltage surge arrester equipments integrated.
      • Housing material: Stainless Metal with wall-mount Flange
      • Working environment: Operating temperature -20 + 55 °C
      • Size (W)*(D)*(H): 36*76.5*23mm
    • Item Includes:

      • 1) F-RF-RFMN-2 1310 nm Receiver
      • 1) F-RF-TX-MN-2MW 1310 nm Transmitter

    F-RF-TXRX-MN2-1310 - Required Accessories

      F-RF-TXRX-MN2-1310 - Recommended Accessories

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