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Milbank Manufacturing Co

Milbank 10104-HC3R Type 1 Hinged Cover Junction Box 10x10x4


  • Designed for use as a telephone cabinet, panel enclosure, or junction box.
  • For outdoor use to provide protection against rain, sleet, or snow, or indoors where dripping water is a problem.


  • Enclosure and cover are manufactured from 16, 14, 12, or 11 gauge G90 galvanized steel.
  • The cover is mounted on galvanized lift-off hinges with stainless steel hinge pins. Cover is fastened with a padlockable draw latch.
  • Panel mounting studs provided for optional back panel.
  • Embossed mounting holes on back.
  • Knockouts provided on the bottom of the 12126-TC3R and smaller sizes.
  • Drip shield top and seam-free sides, front and back.

Industry Standards

  • NEMA -Type 3R
  • UL 50-Type 3R
  • CUL-Type 3R (Equivalent to CSA)


  • ANSI 61 gray polyester powder coating over phosphatized G90 galvanized steel.
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