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Dataprobe iBB-N15 Remote Reboot Power Strip

Dataprobe iBB-N15 Remote Reboot Power Strip
Network managers can have remote reboot at the click of a mouse with the iBootBar. Each iBootBar supports eight servers, routers or other A/C powered devices for reboot, security shutdown or energy management. Control each outlet independantly with web browser, telnet, SNMP manager. You are in control of your critical systems anywhere, anytime.

Additional models are avaialbel with an internal modem that can be contacted through a data call or from any tone dial handset for instant DTMF tone commands.

Link up to 16 iBootBars together to manage 128 outlets from a single web page. Monitor power usage, with automatic notification of critical conditions.

Automatically monitor critical components and auto reboot them if they are unavailable. You entire data center is protected from downtime.

  • Web Controlled 8 Outlet Power Strip
  • Multi-Outlet, Multi-User Remote Reboot
  • Outlet Grouping for Simultaneous Switching
  • Current Sensing and Alarming
  • Expandable to 128 Outlets
  • AutoPing for Automatic Failure Detect and Reboot
  • SNMP Manageability
  • Full International Compliance
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