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Interactive Voice Inc.:


    • Ivee Flex Voice Activated Timer & Clock - White

      Ivee Flex Voice Activated Timer & Clock - White

      The ivee Flex's unique ability to accept voice commands for timer settings make it the perfect production assistant for any studio. The Flex responds to over 30 simple voice commands, like "Set Timer" and "Set Alarm 1" and you may also turn off the alarm by voice by saying "Turn off the alarm." It's the most intelligent studio timer ever made.

      ivee is one of the most advanced and intelligent speech recognition devices available. She listens and responds to your verbal commands, telling you the ti


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      Item #: IVEE-FLEX

      Availability: Usually ships in 3-10 business days

      Our Price: $59.95

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      Interactive Voice (or ivee) was founded by Jonathon Nostrant on January 27th 2011 as a consumer-focused, voice control electronics company. ivee is focused on delivering a unique "personal assistant" experience between user and machine. Today, ivee is quickly finding a home in studios and production environments for its unique hands-free timing ability. Tomorrow, ivee will grow to integrate throughout your daily lifestyle, your constant digital companion.